Who We Are

” W. H. Bass’s commitment, since our inception, has been to deliver outstanding results through collaboration, professionalism, integrity and clear communication.”

Who We Are

W. H. Bass, Inc. is a dynamic commercial general contractor focused upon the development of mutually profitable strategic alliances with growth oriented clients throughout the United States.

Incorporated in June of 1984, W. H. Bass was formed to provide general contracting services and construct projects throughout the Southeastern United States. Since that time W. H. Bass has grown into one of the largest builders in the Atlanta metro area and has completed over 2,500 projects in 36 states. Today, W. H. Bass continues to build on our legacy of excellence as evidenced by the fact that over 95% of our current projects come from repeat clients. Our primary goal is to build relationships and projects that last through understanding and achieving our individual customer’s unique objectives.

W. H. Bass’s commitment, since our inception, has been to deliver outstanding results through collaboration, professionalism, integrity and clear and consistent communication. As a result of our commitment and, more importantly, our ability to deliver on it, we are regularly recommended,

to new clients, by the owners, architectural firms and consultants we have worked with in the past. We also remain a preferred partner of leading trade contractors and suppliers throughout the nation who respect our business practices and ability to build outstanding teams.

Partnering with W.H. Bass provides you with the best of all worlds; most specifically, the technical expertise and financial stability, of an established builder, without the cumbersome bureaucracy that accompanies some firms. You will acquire the peace of mind and security that comes from working with a builder that delivers your project ahead of schedule and within budget all while achieving an exceptional quality level and firm commitment to managing a safe worksite for our employees, subcontractor partners and visitors.

W. H. Bass’ success has been based on its people. Our people are the best in our industry and each is empowered to do whatever necessary to deliver exceptional customer service. W. H. Bass’ level of service always exceeds what is normal for the construction industry.


These values serve as the basis for how we as a company make our decisions, plan for the future and are the standard we use for measuring success.

Striving for excellence in service.

We will provide a level of service for our external and internal customers which exceeds their expectations and is always increasing.

Providing quality of life in the truest sense of the word.

As a company, we are a structure which affords the opportunity for people to be all that they can be; being responsible to the only resource God has entrusted us with – our people – and striving to be a team that everyone is proud to be a member of.

Choosing the simplest approach.

We will always “challenge” our decisions to insure they are result-oriented and not process-oriented. We will always seek the simplest approach to the situation which will best serve our client.

Upholding our integrity.

Never should we allow ourselves to sacrifice of integrity or place our clients or suppliers into a position to do the same.

Seeking to work with only the highest quality clients.

Defined as a client who is the best in our niche, a client who treats us with respect, a client who shares our level of ethics and gives us the respect we earn, and a client who allows us to achieve a reasonable level of profit.

Sustaining financial stability.

Achieving a level of profits by maximizing our percent mark-up and weekly job profits, by maximizing each profit center, by minimizing our G & A, and achieving a level of financial stability by minimizing debt and obtaining sound ratios.

Maintaining our company spirit.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who have teamed together with a common focus. We are people who are driven by a passion for a high level of success, individuals who are decision makers in control of our own destinies. It is our desire to attract people with this common spirit.

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