Employee Ownership

WH Bass’s commitment, since our inception, has been to deliver outstanding results through collaboration, professionalism, integrity and clear communication.

WH Bass is proud to be employee-owned...

WH Bass became 100% employee owned in 2019, through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The original shareholders at Bass chose to convert to an ESOP to preserve the legacy, culture & most importantly, to retain and reward our valued employees…both now and in the future.

Being 100% employee owned, our team has a heightened sense of commitment to the company, our goals, and to customer satisfaction in the communities in which we build. How we perform is a direct reflection of us as individuals, and we take that very seriously.

The WH Bass ESOP provides our employees with a supplemental retirement plan alongside their 401(K), and comprehensive benefits package. 

How our program works
Beneficial shares of stock are given to eligible team members annually. Team Members are eligible to receive stock from WH Bass after meeting the ESOP eligibility requirements:
WH Bass makes a retirement contribution to this plan each year that participants share in based on their eligible earnings for the plan year. WH Bass’ ESOP never involves contributions from the employees; all contributions are entirely made by the company.
Team Member’s individual efforts matter
As company owners, our team members take pride in making a difference in the lives of our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and other partners by providing great service. It all starts with a shift in perspective from “this is my job” to “this is my company.”
Team Members fuel innovation and growth

WH Bass encourages our team members to share new ideas, as company owners, it’s their responsibility to help make the Bass product better. And the more we excel at providing our customers with what they want and need, the more our company can grow and succeed.

As proud company owners, our team members are invested in the success of Bass. This is part of what makes Bass a great place to work! Interested in working with WH Bass and becoming an employee-owner? Click here to go to our CAREER CENTER and see our current openings!