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Our primary goal is to build relationships and projects that last through understanding and achieving our individual customer’s unique objectives.


Our Services

W. H. Bass is comprised of individuals who thrive on responsibility, are driven by success, and see every challenge as another opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our approach is guided by integrity, a commitment to quality, and outstanding service to our customers.

 General Contracting

W. H. Bass has established a reputation for operational excellence in the delivery of general contracting services.

This reputation centers on our ability to execute our responsibilities in a precise and comprehensive manner. Our clients respect our expertise and ability to deliver as evidenced by the fact that over 95% of our projects come from repeat customers. This is due to a number of factors including:

  • Quality Control: W. H. Bass employs a highly experienced superintendent corps who maintain our rigid quality control standards. Our effectiveness is the result of a carefully planned, coordinated and executed construction plan featuring a team of highly experienced trade contractors and suppliers combines with a vigilant management approach that ensures your finished project will not only meet but exceed your quality expectations.
  • Scheduling: A combination of art and science, scheduling is a core strength of W. H. Bass. Our process begins well before the first shovel hits the ground and is a primary component of our pre-construction and bid process. Our schedule approach is based on always looking ahead and effectively sequencing work to ensure efficient performance without sacrificing safety or quality.
  • Budget Management: W. H. Bass brings our client’s perspective and priorities to every decision starting with ensuring that the project is completed within the agreed upon budget. Our clients are the beneficiary of our deep relationships with trade contractors and suppliers, many of whom we have done business with for many years. These relationships, formed on the basis of mutual respect and trust, ensure that we will receive preferred and priority pricing resulting in the most cost effective final project cost without sacrificing quality or time of completion. Furthermore, our experienced project management team will closely monitor the project to not only prevent “cost creep” but also identify areas where cost and schedule savings can be achieved.


W. H. Bass offers a complete range of design-build services to meet the specific and unique needs of our clients.

The W. H. Bass team is able to leverage years of successful partnerships, with a number of architectural firms, to bring design expertise that is specifically targeted towards your project type. Ideally suited, for clients who seek a single entity point of contact and need an expedited project delivery schedule, the design build project delivery method has been successfully executed on numerous projects by W. H. Bass.


Among the factors that account for our ongoing success is the effectiveness of our pre-construction efforts.

Our ability to consistently excel begins in the pre-construction phase as our estimating team works closely with our project managers and key subcontractors to provide a wide range of services to ensure the success of your project. These include:

  • Value Engineering: We will explore every opportunity to create efficiency without compromising design integrity or project quality.
  • Conceptual Estimating and Budgeting: W. H. Bass, through an extensive network of long time trade contractors and business partners, can provide you with early cost estimates allowing you to ensure that you can achieve the most cost effective results.
  • Scheduling: Having built projects across the United States we have the experience and local market knowledge needed to provide early a schedule forecast while also continuing, as the process evolves, to refine the schedule ultimately, producing a final schedule which will enable us to make timely business decisions.
  • Subcontractor & Supplier Prequalification: Our comprehensive subcontractor database and ongoing efforts to identify and qualify subs will ensure you can have confidence that your project will be built by high quality trade contractors. W. H. Bass has developed outstanding relationships with trade contractors and suppliers throughout the United States. We receive market leading response and pricing from these firms as a result of the respect they have for our track record for highly ethical business practices, an unwavering commitment to safety and ability to manage projects in a manner that ensure successful outcomes.
  • Long Lead Item Procurement: Our extensive network of suppliers enables us to receive priority pricing and shipping for long lead items ensuring that your project’s schedule will not be derailed or delayed due to lack of materials or equipment.
  • Permitting: Having worked in 37 states and countless municipalities we are well versed in the often complex process of obtaining the permits needed to ensure your project starts on schedule and proceeds in a timely manner.

Our Approach

W. H. Bass is comprised of individuals who thrive on responsibility, are driven by success, and see every challenge as another opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our approach is guided by integrity, a commitment to quality, and outstanding service to our customers.

  To Management

Our organization runs lean, maintaining a workload of between 25-30 projects in progress at any given time.

We work both hard and intelligently, always looking for ways to improve on our performance. You will always receive our best effort and our project personnel are empowered to take charge and make the decisions required to complete the project in a timely and cost efficient manner without sacrificing quality. This guiding philosophy has created a highly productive and satisfying work environment that has allowed our employees to flourish and make rewarding contributions to the success of W. H. Bass and our clients. Our ability to achieve employee satisfaction is best evidenced by the fact that 35% of current employees have been with W. H. Bass 10 years or more, accumulating an average of over 19 years with the company.

  To Safety

We are completely committed to providing safe work conditions for every person on our job sites.

This includes our trade contractor and supplier partners, visitors to the site and, of course, our employees. Our commitment to safe work practices is evidenced by our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) which is well within industry standards resulting in lower insurance costs. These lower costs enable us to provide a reduced project cost to our clients but, most importantly, give them the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that safety will always be the highest priority at every W. H. Bass job site.

  To Ownership

At W. H. Bass ownership is built around a “cornerstone” structure ensuring that there is an owner involved in every aspect of the company.

Marty Robinson, our President, closely monitors our Superintendents and what takes place in the field. David Carr, CFO, focuses on whatever it takes to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Dave Lee, in his role as Vice President, oversees Project Management. Carl Herndon, CEO and founder of W. H. Bass, provides the company with a clear strategic vision while ensuring it remains true to its values.

Service is the only commodity we have to market. Our continued success will be a function of our ability to provide this high level of service to our customers.


Our Project Team

Each project is staffed with a dedicated, on-site Superintendent who is supported by a Project Manager and Contract Administrator. Our clients always have 24-hour access to their Bass project team who are empowered to make the decisions and take the actions required to ensure complete satisfaction.


Perhaps no other part of our organization has contributed more to our success than our corps of Superintendents.

When we ask our customers, “How are we doing?” they always tell us we have the best Superintendents in the industry. Bass superintendents have complete control and authority over their jobsites and are solely responsible for everything that takes place from safety to schedule to the last detail of quality. Our Superintendents are empowered, accountable and ALWAYS deliver!


Before the first shovel hits the ground our Estimators have prepared a clear, detailed and thorough estimate of the project’s cost.

W. H. Bass Estimators are among the best in the commercial construction industry. Together the team brings over 50 years of cumulative knowledge with each member averaging more than 10 years of experience. Our team knows our clients’ buildings inside and out. Their knowledge enables us to provide our clients with exceptional value engineering. The team’s years of experience have also enabled W. H. Bass to develop deep relationships with an extensive network of trade contractors resulting in one of the most substantial subcontractor databases in the industry. Our subcontractor and supplier partners respect our ethical business practices enabling us to acquire the best pricing and highest levels of services all of which ensure that our clients’ projects are built in a timely and cost efficient manner without sacrificing quality.

  Project Managers

W.H. Bass Project Managers are builders. True professionals, the Bass Project Managers, like all Bass personnel, see themselves as an extension of the owner’s team and bring an owner’s perspective to every project. The W. H. Bass Project Manager is the client’s primary point of contact with our organization.

Their involvement, with the project, begins well before the start of construction as they manage the buyout and coordinate with all parties to determine the final schedule; concluding, not with the punch list, but only when our client has been completely satisfied. W. H. Bass Project Managers are highly accountable, not only for the profit center but for every aspect of the project, and also fully empowered to make the decisions necessary to ensure complete project success and total client satisfaction.

  Contract Administration

Every part of a W. H. Bass project team plays a crucial role in ensuring that our clients, subcontractors and other business partners receive an exceptionally positive and productive experience throughout the project’s duration. The Contract Administrator is the accounting and administrative backbone of our project team.

The Contract Administrator is responsible for paying our subs and suppliers, invoicing clients, preparing subcontracts and purchase orders, and distributing plans. This Team Member works closely with the Estimators, Project Managers, Superintendents, Subcontractors and Suppliers as a coordination link and facilitator.